12 Days of the Legend of Korra, day nine

Biggest douche: If I wanted to get angry, I would pick Mako solely for how he’s treated Asami and Korra as of late.

But because I would much rather keep things hilarious and sexy, I’m picking Tahno. I love the guy, but I’m well-aware of how big of an ass he was pre-Amon, and honestly, I LOVED IT. I know the general consensus is that Tahno got a lot more likable after he had his bending taken away, but I liked him so much as a sassy dickhead, breathing suggestive comments in Korra’s ear and faking peeing in his pants over here. When I first saw him, my thought process was this:

  • fuck, this guy is creepy
  • isn’t this a kid’s show?

Basically, I know he was/ is a giant douche, but I love him anyway. Maybe even because of it? Oh the dear gods.


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